Members of the Gibson Team

Main Office
  • Jennifer Jaeger, Principal
  • Jackie Chacon, Administrative Secretary
  • Denise Water , Banker
  • Rena Smethers, Graphics
  • Rebeca Molitor, Registrar
  • TBA, First Aid Safty Assistant (FASA)
Administration Office
  • Dana Perry, Assistant Principal

  • Sohemia Mora, Assistant Principal Secretary

  • Kristina Mooney, Counselor

Magnet Office
  • Christopher Gist, Assistant Principal
  • Valerie Cervantes, Assistant Principal Secretary
  • Renee Paterson, Magnet School Coordiator
  • David Varrato, Counselor
Administration Office - Main Building
  • TBA, Assistant Principal

  • Claudia Barnes, Assistant Principal Secretary

  • Victoria Amador, Counselor

  • Cheryl Ewalt, Special Education Facilitator

  • Kelsey Lipkin , Nurse

Custodial Staff
  • William Blake Jr, Head Custodian
  • Greg Walker, Day Custodian
  • Mindy Robinson, Night Custodian
  • Tarika Rushing, Night Custodian
  • Sadi Kirtley
Campus Security Monitors / In House
  • Christopher Williams, Campus Monitor
  • Yolanda Washington, Campus Monitor
  • Melanie Russell, In House Suspension
Certified Temporary Tutors
  • Barbara Farrell
Special Education Teacher Assistants
  • Jaime Bacon, SLD SPTA
  • Gabriel Camarena, Autisim SPTA
  • Soretta Dew, MCSDD SPTA
  • Amanda Slaughter, SPTA
Other Support
  • Nate Taylor, Site-Based Technician (SBT)
  • Melissa Marks, Learning Strategist
  • Chidi Okonkwo, Psychologist
  • Krista Roberts, Speech Therapist
  • Stephanie Herzog, Speech Therapist
  • Cazandra Uy, Learning Strategist
  • Cristy Wilson, Adaptive PE
  • Cheryl Burton, Library Assistant
  • Tanya Salzman, IA Resource
  • Caleb Navarro, IA Resource
  • Gabriela Vargas, Band Aide
  • Jenny Miller, Cafeteria Manager

It takes a Village to Educate Children and these Members of our Scot Family are a Vital Part of our Village!

Robert O. Gibson Leadership Academy

3900 W Washington Ave.,
Las Vegas, NV 89107

Phone: (702) 799-4700
Fax: (702) 799-4705

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