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Welcome to our new website of R.O. Gibson Middle School. Please contact Mr. Taylor if you have anything that you would like to add to this website.

Deans Message

After School News!


Parents and Guardians,


If your child is staying after school in a supervised activity (teacher tutoring, club, sport, Gear Up/All Stars) please understand that they must stay in the activity they are in.  Students riding the late bus will stay with their supervised activity until the late bus is announced starting at @3:45. If your child gets picked up, they must call home from the supervised activity.  If they are walking home, they must leave immediately off campus. 

Late Buses are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday only! There is NO SUPERVISION once the late bus leaves campus. 



All Students must leave campus after school on Wednesdays and Fridays as there is no late bus or supervision.


It is a safety issue when your child is wandering the campus unsupervised or leaving campus and returning.  Students will be escorted off campus or placed on RPC if found loitering after 2:30pm.  Campus police will be notified to direct students home.


Thank you for your support and safety of our Gibson Scots!